Your life in color
Our Origin Story
Hey, we need to talk
Yeah, what’s up?
I just feel like we need to spice up our relationship 🌶
What do you mean? We love the same things... like producing dope content and engaging with an audience
Yeah, but... I feel like we don’t go as deep as we could into our passions
What do you mean? Is there something else you care about?
Things like Gen Z culture - mental health Issues, SoundCloud artists, microdosing on LSD
Woah, woah - I know you’ve always been a rebel, but let’s not microdose on LSD! 🙅🏽🙅🏽
I mean it’s just a topic that’s trending and interesting to people
That’s pretty edgy stuff there. I mean it’s cool if it’s your vibe, but I feel like we’re not on the same page here.
Well, that’s partly what I’m getting at...
I want to be on a different webpage.
We can’t break up! We still have the same values, like integrity, transparency, AP style 😰😰
Chill! I don’t wanna let go of anything.
I just want to produce the stuff I want to w/ cool GIFs, sliding photo essays, etc.
So like.. what does that mean for us?
We’re not breaking up, like we’re still gonna work together
Brb listening to Drake to cope 🎧
See, you totally get how important millennial culture is! You know what? I’m gonna write about how 6 God’s sampling of ‘90s tracks is what gets us in our feelings. It’ll be for Neon.
Haha that’s why I love you - you’re always thinking ahead of the curve
Told ya we’re still partners in crime! 👯

We're anything but ordinary.

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